$69 million from just two equipment suppliers

Under the influence of the policy, the thinking of the hospital has changed, and the supply, processing and distribution mode of consumables and reagents have also been reversed. The circulation market is being washed away by the big waves.

A number of hospitals, unified procurement, distribution

Recently, the Bidding Management Office of Anning Medical Community released the Bidding Announcement of 2022-2024 Inspection Reagent Delivery Supplier Selection Project of Anning Medical Community.

According to the announcement, the bidding is divided into two bids, each of which selects 1 supplier. The bidder can register for all the bid sections at the same time, but can only win one bid section, and the consortium bid is not accepted.

The purchaser is Anning Medical Community, and the delivery period is 3 years. The annual purchase amount of one package of tender is about 20 million yuan, and the expected total purchase amount of three years is about 60 million yuan; the annual purchase amount of two package of tender is about 3 million yuan, and the expected total purchase amount of three years is about 9 million yuan. The specific settlement is based on the actual purchase amount of the hospital.

According to the official website, Anning Medical Community is led by a three-JIA general hospital (Jinfang Ward, 1st yi People's Hospital of Anning), with two second-class hospitals (Lianran Ward, 1st yi People's Hospital of Anning, and Anning Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine) as the backbone. The new pattern of "1+2+X" compact medical community with many primary medical institutions (6 township health centers, 2 community health service centers and stations, 64 village clinics) as members.

According to the Notice on Promoting the Construction of a tight County Medical and Health Community and the Guiding Plan on the Pilot Construction of a Tight County Medical and Health Community issued by the National Health Commission, the medical community implements unified management of drug consumables, unified drug list, unified procurement and distribution, and unified payment for goods.

If conditions allow, regions should break the differences among different medical communities within the county, explore unified management, procurement and distribution of drug consumables within the county, further integrate county medical and health resources through the construction of tight county medical communities, and gradually build a comprehensive, continuous, high-quality and efficient medical and health service system.

With the continuous advancement of the construction of the medical community, the unified procurement and distribution mode of consumables and reagents is becoming more and more clear, and the reform in the field of circulation is still continuing.

du home large single frequency, the competition is hot

According to Cyberlan instrument observation, distribution supply is becoming more intensive, the industry is undergoing a major screening.

On the one hand, the bidding barrier is getting higher and higher. Before that, Bayannur City of Inner Mongolia Medical Security Bureau issued the "selection of drugs, medical consumables sunshine procurement and distribution enterprises" program proposed, distribution providers are scored, reach more than 60 points to obtain the distribution qualification, and the registered capital of more than 10 million yuan, sales of more than 100 million yuan, storage area of more than 1000 square meters, can get full marks.

On the other hand, the situation of winning the bidding alone continues to appear, and the delivery life is often as long as several years.

Previously, China Resources Pharmaceutical Business Group Medical Device Co., Ltd. won the bid to deliver medical consumables in Xinhua Hospital of Tongzhou District of Beijing for 5 years (45 million yuan). Sichuan China Resources Medical Device Co., Ltd. also won the bid of SPD Hospital refined management service in Liangshan yi People's Hospital, and the contract performance period is also 5 years.

It should be noted that the regional packaging distribution supply model continues to emerge.

Previously, Kangmei Pharmaceutical won the "Yunfu City People's Hospital Yunfu City public medical institutions medicine and medical consumables modern logistics extension service project", and won the five-year drug consumables distribution right of 11 public medical institutions in Yunfu City.

Last February, Fuding City Medical community - Fuding City General Hospital (by Fuding City hospital, Fuding City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Fuding City maternal and child health care hospital, 3 community health services, 14 township hospitals and 1 health management station a total of 21 member units) medical consumables SPD project results published, the medical community SPD project only a medical bid.

Jiande Municipal Health Bureau also published a document saying that it had successfully launched the whole medical supply chain management service platform of the medical community last year, forming a county medical health "map". It is understood that the city will be the whole city's medical consumables procurement and distribution rights entrusted to the company, to achieve 19 medical institutions medical consumables unified management.

How do big companies win when they share the spoils?

Under the combined force of DRG/DIP reform, zero markup of consumables, and new performance assessment indicators, hospitals are also changing their thinking, and the SPD mode of centralized management of the supply, processing and distribution of medical consumables in medical institutions continues to heat up.

According to the project announcement published on the Chinese government procurement website, since the beginning of this year, there have been a number of medical institutions, such as Beijing Chest Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, People's University Hospital Affiliated to Hubei University for Nationalities, Jiangmen Zhongxin Hospital, Leshan People's Hospital, Wuxi People's Hospital, Guigang People's Hospital, the Third People's Hospital of Baiyun District, Guangzhou, etc. Carried out the bidding work of medical consumables supply chain Refined management (SPD) project, and won the bidding of several projects.

Large retailers are still highly competitive, while small and medium-sized companies are experiencing a filtering period.

Xu Chunxiang, who has been engaged in consumable purchasing and management for many years, pointed out to Cyberan Equipment that there were a large number of enterprises in the circulation link before, so it was easy to have multiple invoicing and price raising, which made it difficult to regulate the whole market. But from the experience of foreign pharmaceutical market, can stay after the best aggregator or large distributors, they gather resources, competitiveness becomes particularly large, this kind of giant enterprise is the inevitable trend of pharmaceutical market.

"Switching costs are something that many small businesses can't afford, and large circulation companies can handle well, so mergers, bankruptcies and acquisitions have become the norm. At the same time, local sections are becoming united, and local sections are becoming united. When medical institutions in a region put forward the integrated management of consumables, small distribution companies basically cannot undertake such large orders, so they have to be handed over to large enterprises."

Celi Medical has analyzed in the annual report, the next three years, SPD business market size is expected to reach more than 800 billion. In the hundreds of billions of market to fight, small and medium-sized channels and circulation enterprises or death or mergers and acquisitions, there will be only about 20 large terminal companies to win.

Moving from dispersion to concentration seems to be a rite of passage for all industries. In the process of breaking, merging and reconstructing, it is necessary to find the right position and direction.


The biodegradable polymer PBAT is hitting the big time

The perfect polymer—one that balances physical properties and environmental performance—doesn’t exist, but polybutylene adipate co-terephthalate (PBAT) comes closer than many.

Department of Finance ordered: further limit the purchase of imported equipment!

On June 7, the Hubei Provincial Department of Finance issued a notice on the Working Regulations of Provincial Government procurement to further strengthen the supervision and management of government procurement and standardize the behavior of government procurement.

What is a medical device

Medical instruments refer to instruments, equipment, appliances, in vitro diagnostic reagents and calibrators, materials and other similar or related articles, including required computer software, which are directly or indirectly used in human body.

History of medical device development

Medical device industry involves medicine, machinery, electronics, plastics and other industries, is a multidisciplinary, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive high-tech industry. The basic characteristics of high-tech medical equipment are digitalization and computerization, and it is the crystallization of modern high technology of multi-disciplines and cross-fields. Its products have high technology content and high profit, so it is the top point of competition among major scientific and technological countries and large international companies, and the threshold of entry is high. Even in the industry overall gross profit rate is low, investment is not high sub-industries will continue to have higher technology products, and from which some enterprises with strong profitability. Therefore, the overall trend of the industry is high investment, high yield.

State Food and Drug Administration meeting: strict inspection of medical equipment network sales

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration held a chamber of commerce for the management of medical device network trading risk.

$69 million from just two equipment suppliers

Under the influence of the policy, the thinking of the hospital has changed, and the supply, processing and distribution mode of consumables and reagents have also been reversed. The circulation market is being washed away by the big waves.

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