Department of Finance ordered: further limit the purchase of imported equipment!

Limit the import of equipment!

Department of Finance: Purchase import products, carry out investigation!

On June 7, the Hubei Provincial Department of Finance issued a notice on the Working Regulations of Provincial Government procurement to further strengthen the supervision and management of government procurement and standardize the behavior of government procurement.

According to the circular, all departments and units should conduct demand surveys and feasibility analyses through questionnaires, online inquiries and other means to compile purchasing requirements, and invite relevant professionals or third-party organizations to participate in consultation and demonstration if necessary.

In addition, conduct demand survey for the following procurement items:

(1) Goods and services procurement items of more than 10 million yuan and engineering procurement items of more than 30 million yuan;

(2) Procurement projects involving public interests and of high public concern, including public services provided by the government to the public, such as public facility management services, environmental services, professional and technical services, education, medical and health services and social services;

(3) projects with complex technologies and strong professionalism, including information construction projects requiring customized development and projects involving the purchase of imported products;

(4) Other procurement items that the competent budget unit or the purchaser considers necessary to carry out demand investigation.

That is to say, the purchase of goods with an amount of more than 10 million yuan through bidding, or the purchase of imported medical equipment shall be investigated. Otherwise, the project will be considered as non-compliance!

It is worth mentioning that Fujian Province also has requirements for the import equipment procurement demand survey: where the project applies to purchase imported products, the demand survey shall be carried out according to the regulations. If you do not declare, it will be regarded as not meeting the requirements for purchasing and importing, you will not be able to purchase imported products, and the finance will not allocate funds.

In addition, if goods with a bidding amount of more than 10 million need to be purchased and imported, they will be included in the investigation.

137 kinds of equipment purchase domestic!

A number of provinces issued a document, strict review of imported equipment procurement!

In fact, in 2021, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Government Procurement of Import Product Audit Guidelines" (2021 version) notice leaked out, this notice clearly stipulated the proportion of government institutions (public institutions) procurement of domestic medical devices and instruments requirements.

137 kinds of medical devices are required to be 100% domestic; 12 kinds of medical devices require 75% purchase domestic; It is required that 50% of 24 kinds of medical devices be purchased domestically; Twenty-five percent of the five medical devices are required to be made in China.

Therefore, it is not difficult to find that since the beginning of this year, many provinces issued documents to further tighten the government procurement of imported products "gap", promote domestic equipment to achieve "rapid development".

Especially recently, Anhui Province a paper notice, once again the development of domestic medical equipment to a new height.

In late April, Anhui Provincial Finance Department, Anhui Provincial Health Commission and Anhui Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau jointly issued a notice, requiring all public medical institutions in the province not to purchase imported products without approval from June 1.

In fact, Anhui and Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shanxi and other provinces, as required to implement the "imported medical equipment inventory system", products not on the list are not allowed to be purchased and imported without authorization, this time is more direct, emphasizing that even if the hospital's own funds to buy imported products, also strict audit.

In April, the new collection catalogue and quota standards of Shanxi Province were released, and the first ci included "Class B large medical equipment projects of public hospitals" into the category of government procurement projects involving public services.

It not only requires priority procurement of domestic products, but also requires centralized management and batch demonstration by the provincial competent budget unit for imported products, which can only be purchased after approval by the provincial financial department.

At the same time, the municipal competent budget units will no longer conduct audit, centralized procurement authority, further management, restrictions on the purchase of imports.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance recently issued the Notice on Issues related to the Procurement of Government Procurement Framework Agreement, which issued the latest directive to the national public medical institutions to purchase imported medical devices, requiring approval.

The latest state directive:

Purchase imported equipment, need approval!

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Finance, for special instruments and equipment such as testing, experiments and medical treatment, if there is a need to purchase imported products, the purchase package can be set for the corresponding imported products in the procurement plan, but the purchasers in the er stage shall perform the relevant approval procedures according to regulations before purchasing the listed imported products.

What is the "approval process"?

Taking Guangdong Province as an example, in terms of approval procedures, it is proposed that if the products to be purchased cannot be obtained within the territory of China or under reasonable commercial conditions, or if the imported products are really needed to be purchased according to laws and regulations, the purchaser shall carry out government purchasing activities according to law after obtaining the approval of the financial department.

That is to say, if imported medical equipment is not available in China or cannot be obtained on reasonable commercial terms, priority will be given to domestic equipment.


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Department of Finance ordered: further limit the purchase of imported equipment!

On June 7, the Hubei Provincial Department of Finance issued a notice on the Working Regulations of Provincial Government procurement to further strengthen the supervision and management of government procurement and standardize the behavior of government procurement.

What is a medical device

Medical instruments refer to instruments, equipment, appliances, in vitro diagnostic reagents and calibrators, materials and other similar or related articles, including required computer software, which are directly or indirectly used in human body.

History of medical device development

Medical device industry involves medicine, machinery, electronics, plastics and other industries, is a multidisciplinary, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive high-tech industry. The basic characteristics of high-tech medical equipment are digitalization and computerization, and it is the crystallization of modern high technology of multi-disciplines and cross-fields. Its products have high technology content and high profit, so it is the top point of competition among major scientific and technological countries and large international companies, and the threshold of entry is high. Even in the industry overall gross profit rate is low, investment is not high sub-industries will continue to have higher technology products, and from which some enterprises with strong profitability. Therefore, the overall trend of the industry is high investment, high yield.

State Food and Drug Administration meeting: strict inspection of medical equipment network sales

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration held a chamber of commerce for the management of medical device network trading risk.

$69 million from just two equipment suppliers

Under the influence of the policy, the thinking of the hospital has changed, and the supply, processing and distribution mode of consumables and reagents have also been reversed. The circulation market is being washed away by the big waves.

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