Posey Gait and Transfer Belts

Posey Gait and Transfer Belts help reduce the risk of injury to the patient/resident and the caregiver resulting from a loss of balance or an uncontrolled fall. Gait and transfer belts provide caregivers with a secure hold point while assisting patients/residents during supervised walking and transfers. When not in use, the gait belt can be worn by the caregiver to ensure immediate availability when needed, or can be hung on a hook in the patient’s or resident's room. Recommended Use: Patients/residents requiring ambulation and/or transfer assistance.

Posey Cotton Gait Belt.

Made of sturdy cotton and include a nickel-plated metal buckle to offer maximum hold, while reducing wear on the cotton belt for increased durability.



• Beveled Floor Cushion (Glow):Instructions For Use


C6556 White with green stripe 66" 50 per case


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